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Liquor & Gaming Analytics

Use Liquor & Gaming NSW data to present information about licensed premises in NSW to customers.

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By using the Liquor & Gaming license data, we develop a platform to provide customers with latest business information , enhance user experience , give solution to age identification,  help Liquor stores and casinos restart quickly under a COVID-19 safety plan. 1. Functions (1) Nearby stores to...

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Project Resilience

Australians are some of the most resilient people on Earth. Having gone through difficult socio,economic disasters we have still made it and prospered with it. But everyone has a different coping mechanism to deal financial, mental and physical stress. Project Resilience makes an effort to uncov...

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Liquor and Gaming Community Insights

This is a proposed enhancement to the Liquor and Gaming NSW Live Data portal to encourage active community participation in the licensing process.

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