Using Liquor & Gaming data to provide information to customers

Jurisdiction: New South Wales

How can Liquor & Gaming NSW data be used to provide information to customers?

Use Liquor & Gaming NSW data to present information about licensed premises in NSW to customers. This may mean developing an app or a dashboard to make information about licensed premises accessible.

We are open to any concepts that are developed; however, we would like to see how the tools listed below can be used in conjunction with the premises list dataset to provide information to customers in a user-friendly way:

LiveData tool – LiveData is an online tool that allows you to search the latest liquor licence information alongside demographic, alcohol-related crime and health data for every suburb and Local Government Area in NSW
Find my LIA band tool – The Local Impact Assessment (LIA) scheme classifies all areas within NSW based on the risk of introducing additional gaming machines into that area.

Eligibility Teams must use the Liquor license premises list dataset. It can be combined with any other open dataset. Optional: Use either the LiveData or Find my LIA tool

Entry: Challenge entry is available to all teams in Australia.

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Liquor Premises list as at Aug 2020

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