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Radhika , Vivek Saxena , ANUJ , Sayan Nag and 2 other members with unpublished profiles.

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Use Liquor & Gaming NSW data to present information about licensed premises in NSW to customers.

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We have provided Conversational platform where user can ask various queries regarding liquor and gaming premises.

In addition, We have created an analytics dashboard using Tableau -
The 1st dashboard shows the overall license type and then license type based on various parameters like Unrestricted, Right to keep gaming etc. In the 2nd dashboard, Based on choice of Suburbs and other filters, customer can drill down to the addresses of the qualified premises.
The customer can further use "Find my LIA band tool" to locate the address on the map.

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Find my LIA band tool

Description of Use The Local Impact Assessment (LIA) scheme classifies all areas within NSW based on the risk of introducing additional gaming machines into that area.

Data Set

Liquor Premises list as at Aug 2020

Description of Use Liquor Premises list as at Aug 2020

Data Set

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Using Liquor & Gaming data to provide information to customers

How can Liquor & Gaming NSW data be used to provide information to customers?

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