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Australians are some of the most resilient people on Earth. Having gone through difficult socio,economic disasters we have still made it and prospered with it. But everyone has a different coping mechanism to deal financial, mental and physical stress.
Project Resilience makes an effort to uncover how can we bounce back together from our hardships and be back on tracks - Stronger than ever ! After all we all are proud Australian

With vast lands and deep blue seas, Australians are quite different when we move around within the country
We have broken down our project in councils. It is important to understand our people if we want to help them in their well being. Pnce you select the councils you can see the following sections :

1) Social Fabric : Australia has been a melting pot of different cultures with migrant communities from various countries living in a healthy and thriving society.
Every community has a different socio-economic structure and so have different mechanisms to cope with challenges. It is important to understand the make-up of our community in order for governments to assist in difficult times.

2) Impacts : Some of the major impacts of COVID19 and Bushfires have on Australians in those councils are to do with financial stress

Gvovernment provided support in the form of Jobkeeper . Some of the postcodes are more impacted than others.

3) Umemployment - some groups are more impacted than others : We started diving deep to understand the unemployment rate and Jobseeker to find answers to which particular groups (by age or gender) in this council are most vulnerable and are the ones who need most support.

4) Mental Health and Crime :
A deep financial stress and recession with people locked down , has tremendous impact on well being of people . Combined with Alcohol and drugs , this has proven to aggravate and often leading to criminal behaviour in most people. This section demonstrates the number of Liquor Licenses operating in this council VS ranking in Domestic violence cases.

5) Trend in Domestic violence : It is however important to deep dive even more in data and try to understand the trend. ALthough the council might rank higher but it is the trend that matters most. This is proof of how much efforts our community had been putting to fight the domestic violence

6) Recovery
Where should we go from here ?
How does the recovery look like ?
Where should the councils focus most to assist with recovery

6) Mental health and well being
Some of the major impacts of COVID19 and Bushfires have on Australians in those councils is around mental stress

It is important for all of us Australians to look after our mates and to also reach out to them if we need help

A lot of young people are not comfortable reaching out to community support and feel embarrassed in asking support

We have developed a Friends Anonymous text messaging application based on Telstra Messaging API.

Data Story

We combined Jobseeker , Jobkeeper, BOCSAR , ATO Liquor data to drive a correlation between them and to undestand the impacts of major calamities on SOcial, economic and mental health . We also tried to understand what would lead to an effect recovery by understand the sectors which can bring about major changes in job growth. And used Telstra API to create a mental health improvement app , that will connect Australian anonymously to each other in these difficult times

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NSW Crime Stats (Linking DV to Alcohol)

Data Set

Taxation Statistics 2017-18

Data Set

Job seeker data May 2020

Data Set

Liquir and gaming Data

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Planning and construction data

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Jobkeeper Data

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