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Manny , Ronald and 1 other member with an unpublished profile.

Project Description

This is a proposed enhancement to the Liquor and Gaming NSW Live Data portal to encourage active community participation in the licensing process.

Data Story

In this project, we propose that the Liquor and Gaming NSW data be enhanced with data from other state agencies for a more meaningful engagement of the local community. Relevant data sets are from the NSW Department of Education and Transport for NSW Open Data.

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

TfNSW Trip Planner APIs

Description of Use API to interact with the Transport for NSW trip planner. This allows users to search for trips, stops, service alerts, places of interest. The Trip Planner API offers five different endpoints: Stop Finder, Trip Planner, Departure, Service Alerts and Coordinate Request APIs.

Data Set

Master dataset: NSW government school locations and student enrolment numbers

Description of Use This data set is used to enhance the information presented in the Liquor and Gaming Live Data portal.

Data Set

Liquor and Gaming Live Data

Description of Use This data set is used as baseline for the proposed project.

Data Set

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Using Liquor & Gaming data to provide information to customers

How can Liquor & Gaming NSW data be used to provide information to customers?

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