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Our project is to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles, coffee cups and containers. The project uses the MAP, GPS and real-time detection information to locate the near take-away restaurants, the cafes and the fountains. If customers go to the merchants using their own bottle, cups or con...

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Track and Trace (TRAT)

A smart bin proposition to build Track and Trace(TRAT) to help organization to track the source of plastic and then trace it back with the help of citizens. So citizens will let the authorities know where is plastic type A coming from and for doing that citizens will be awarded rewards based on t...

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Cleaner Communities

'Cleaner Communities' is designed to be an app which the populous can use to take rate the level of litter in the area they are in and take photos of said litter. These photos can then get sent off to a machine learning type AI that can analyse the photos to identify the amount of litter. For eve...

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Hack n Track

<h1>Hack N Track</h1> <br> Is an interactive educational game developed for all demographics it highlights the importance of waste plastic identification in a fun and interactive way that empowers the user. We offer a built in rewards system that lets you earn while you scan . We drop t...

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Project 1230

visit this website to find out more: betteringthehumanexperience.xyz as .xyz domains are not supported

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DataTasker is a project aimed at linking young people with scientific projects, to increase and improve open-source data available in the community. It consists of a mobile application allowing the general public to join projects, collaborate and provide much needed data for eligible projects req...

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Project Clearwater

![Project Clearwater](https://github.com/yetanothercarbot/govhack2020/raw/master/misc/banner.png) # by Team Sanity is Optional - GovHack 2020. [View our video covering our project here!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ijAqY6fryI) Our project uses IoT devices to track plastic waste. I...

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Project Mantissa

[WATCH THE VIDEO](https://youtu.be/woxRbwKTink) Project Mantissa is an on-premise app that coordinates volunteers via SMS. But it does way more than just broadcasting! Normally you'd think "APPS" when someone says workforce management. But with certain situations like emerg...

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Drastic On Plastic

Drastic on plastic is our proposed solution to what has become a massive environmental problem. Plastics - such as packaging, are finding their way pretty much everywhere, including some of our beautiful waterways, our oceans, and our parklands. But we propose ideas to help prevent, reduce and re...

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#Materials Numbers Matters!!

Plastic is the main source of Water waste. Materials dumping numbers tells the story of how we are polluting the aquatic life and waterways. Rubbish Management is a Universal problem

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Project: Green Community

A one stop mobile app which will encourage everyone to contribute on reducing the plastic wastage. It provides platform for better communication between citizens and counsel members with wide variety of options like Report a garbage, Schedule for pickup and Reward for reporting the problem and s...

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