Track and trace: help end plastic waste

Jurisdiction: Australia

Plastics contaminate Australia’s lands and seas, and challenge our industries, communities and decision makers with an exponentially growing problem. How might we enable and empower Australians to help de-plasticise our country and report plastic waste in our environment for a healthier future.

Plastics are everywhere in our lives due to their cheap manufacture, light weight and effectiveness as packaging solutions. However, as their use increases, plastic waste is becoming a huge threat to our environment and health. In particular, marine debris is a globally recognised environmental issue of increasing concern. CSIRO research has already found that in Australia, three-quarters of rubbish found along our coastline is plastic and comes from Australian sources.
CSIRO’s research has also shown that people are the greatest contributor of plastic waste, and therefore potentially the greatest solution.
Plastic getting into the environment is often hard to track and understand. To look for patterns, scientists need relevant environmental data from communities to help improve our understanding of the types, amounts and sources of plastic that are polluting Australia.
In response to this challenge, you will empower members of the community to report, measure and identify plastic waste in their environment. This will inform decision makers and underpin policy and strategy to benefit all Australians. Together we can contribute to reducing the amount of plastic entering the environment and end plastic waste.
Consider the ways you could document plastic in the environment and the ways it should be recorded.

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