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Project Mantissa is an on-premise app that coordinates volunteers
via SMS. But it does way more than just broadcasting!

Normally you'd think "APPS" when someone says workforce management.
But with certain situations like emergencies and volunteers
SMS is much more reliable and is much less likely to be missed.
There's also way less friction, no need to install an app!

Also, we built a task management system on top of SMS, as you'll see soon.

Mantissa's setup is extremely simple. Just add your API keys in,
then the system will sync authorization keys and then you're golden

Adding contacts is very easy, no forms whatsoever. The app'll handle processing the
input automatically.

Once you have your contact list, you can search through them and select them by
their description and notes, which may be useful when you have more than just a handful
of contacts.

You can create tasks and manage them. Assigning people to the tasks will send a notification
via SMS so they know what they're supposed to do.

they can also send status updates through SMS as well.

You can send broadcast messages, and also do selective broadcast to selected participants only.
You can check the actual messages sent via the log, and incoming messages can be rebroadcast
if it's important to everybody. Just like twitter, but SMS based!

What we have built is an on-premise sms-based workforce management tool.
Currently only for linux, but porting to windows is a less than one day affair.


Right now the tool only works on linux. We'll get to the windows version sometimes.
We'll have a linux binary here sometimes soon.

The compilation requires a complicated preprocessor called "Cloth" that is not available publicly.
As you can see there's the "ccp" and "cl.cpp" files. "Ccp" files translate into the "cl.cpp" files.

#sms #volunteers #firefighters #emergencies #coordination

Data Story

We looked at data from here:

It seems like to have a coordinator service that can cover everybody, you have to have a tool that works when there's no data coverage around, and there's obviously a lot of places where not having data would mean the service would not work. And that is not acceptable for emergency services, which is why SMS-based strategies would make the obvious most sense.

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Mobile Blackspots

Description of Use We're using this data to show that SMS is the best, if not the only way that an emergency service coordination tool can be built. Data black spots are too common, even more so in rural areas where often those emergency situations arise (bushfires, hunt for missing people etc)

Data Set

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