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Sitha , Ramesh

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Plastic is the main source of Water waste. Materials dumping numbers tells the story of how we are polluting the aquatic life and waterways. Rubbish Management is a Universal problem

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Awareness is the most effective way of reducing the plastic materials. The data provided by "Australian Marine Debris Initiative" gives us the data on how much rubbish we are throwing into the waters. We created an animated graph to show how much rubbish we are throwing into the waters. We should publish this kind of Data visualisations through social media and other publications.

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Australian Marine Debris Database

Description of Use Waste Material usage numbers

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Proactively reducing rubbish and pollution in our waterways

When rubbish and pollutants enter our waterways, it harms our aquatic life and spoils the amenity of our community spaces. How can we use open data to proactively reduce rubbish and common pollutants from entering our waterways so that we protect our natural environment and keep our rivers and creeks clean today, so that we can enjoy them tomorrow?

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Track and trace: help end plastic waste

Plastics contaminate Australia’s lands and seas, and challenge our industries, communities and decision makers with an exponentially growing problem. How might we enable and empower Australians to help de-plasticise our country and report plastic waste in our environment for a healthier future.

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