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A one stop mobile app which will encourage everyone to contribute on reducing the plastic wastage. It provides platform for better communication between citizens and counsel members with wide variety of options like Report a garbage, Schedule for pickup and Reward for reporting the problem and so on!!!

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Plastic waste has become the biggest enemy for the environmental imbalance and major contributor to the global warming. Every government is trying many options to overcome the situation by reducing the usage of plastic in many areas. But the another biggest problem is to collect the waste/used plastic materials from the local community. It will be achieved only by making the local community people to aware and contribute in managing the plastic waste from their side and help the counsel.

How to address the issue?

'GreenCommunity' is such an app which creates the better relation between community people and the counsel members with many options. It has different options for citizens and members such as :
- citizens can Report a unattended garbage on roads/streets and get rewarded
- citizens or colonels may request or schedule for garbage pickup
- counsel members can act on the reported incidents or publish their schedules for pickups or plan for ad-hoc pickups based on requests in that areas
- Intern, app will analyse the incidents and process the data to mark/alert Red/Yellow/Green zones based on the plastic waste received.


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Track and trace: help end plastic waste

Plastics contaminate Australia’s lands and seas, and challenge our industries, communities and decision makers with an exponentially growing problem. How might we enable and empower Australians to help de-plasticise our country and report plastic waste in our environment for a healthier future.

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