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Raw Onion

Voting can be a hassle. However, it does not need to be. As of 2020, 16.6 million Australians are enrolled to vote, which shows just how important it is to make voting easier. Our team's mission is to make voting as easy as it can be. We will deliver this effect through an integrated app & web...

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Signal- A Live Bushfire Reporting App

The Signal app collects live data on bushfires by allowing residents in bushfire prone areas to report and provide information to the RFS. It also provides users with current information and allows the authority to post updates and alerts.

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Smart Health

The year 2020 is a special year. COVID-19 has swept the world like a tornado. As of August 13, 2020, there have been 20.9 million confirmed cases with 13 million cured and 756,000 deaths. The battle against the Virus is not only related to individuals, but also reflects the ability of a country o...

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Watchtower: An operational management system with integrated Telstra messaging and CSIRO data analytics for a smarter, more connected modern emergency service

Australia has many emergency services, [Vic SES](https://www.ses.vic.gov.au/), [NSW SES](https://www.ses.nsw.gov.au/), CFA, RFS, and so on. The duty officers of many of these services still rely on spreadsheets to organise their crews, and when a job is on they have to activate crew by manually t...

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We provide interactive visualizations for citizens to use open Gov data, gaining insights and making advised decisions

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Project Resilience

Australians are some of the most resilient people on Earth. Having gone through difficult socio,economic disasters we have still made it and prospered with it. But everyone has a different coping mechanism to deal financial, mental and physical stress. Project Resilience makes an effort to uncov...

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A-GEN Insights

Using AIHW GEN data to create risk management solution for COVID-19 in residential aged care. Our web application allows users from government and non-government organisations to get a broad picture of the numbers of aged care patients in regions around Australia. Applying filters allows the user...

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Imagine, it’s December 2020. There are long winded queues in front of the pharmacies and vaccine distribution centres. The Australian government only has a very limited number of vaccines. The population is desperate to return to normality and the vaccine is the only key to achieving this. For th...

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Creating darker skies and reducing household lighting energy consumption through nationwide experimentation using IoT!

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Memo Tas

**Memo Tas** History edited by all Tasmanians. There are lots of historical materials in Tasmanian Heritage Dataset. It is a rich resource for historians to study but it is hard for ordinary people who want to generally know about the heritage, such as visitors and new residents, to identify ...

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My Vote - The Future of Voting

Over 16.5 million Australians are eligible to vote, however in the 2019 federal election, more than 1.5 million Australians failed to cast their vote – the highest number in almost 100 years. This is due to many factors including a drop in political engagement and the inconvenience of attending ...

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Everyone is living in an uncertain conditions due to Covid-19 Managing Health and Wealth is a big issue Many in the community don’t know what’s happening around them and what actions to take

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Covid in Control

Better use of Covid affected area datasets and LGA boundaries in Risk assessment and decision making. The Covid in Control App gives details of decision making for improving Government Services in affected Areas. The NSW government is working to deliver better services to customers. Use NSW g...

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Advise Now

Advise now is an online platform for both the general public and key decision makers. Advise Now uses open data to bring together key NSW school data into visual statistics with a consolidated database for user feedback about where a school should be ideally located, allowing everyone to have a q...

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