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Michelle , Jackson

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Creating darker skies and reducing household lighting energy consumption through nationwide experimentation using IoT!

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Office-based Energy Use

Description of Use Allowing Nyctophilia's function to spread beyond household limitations, and to industrial/corporate applications in the future.

Data Set

PSMA Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF)

Description of Use Allowing users to sign up to Nyctophilia through residential address.

Data Set

Average Electricity Use

Description of Use Informing projections, estimates and goals through for regional household electricity usage.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Data Driven IoT Insights for sustainable communities

How can data from connected devices on the wireless Internet of Things (IoT) network be used to make our community spaces - our homes, towns, cities or region - more efficient and sustainable?

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Improving government services with open data

How can we improve government services by using open government data?

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Citizen Science

How might we create a citizen science experiment to support a better understanding of what is happening in the State of Victoria?

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