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The Signal app collects live data on bushfires by allowing residents in bushfire prone areas to report and provide information to the RFS. It also provides users with current information and allows the authority to post updates and alerts.

Data Story

The datasets we used were essential and will give necessary context to the information provided by our users.

We utilised the following datasets:
*NSW Burnt Area
*NSW Bush Fire Prone Land

This data allowed us to:
*Be aware of bushfire prone land and implement this as a factor in the application
*Increase the priority of fires in those regions
*Understand the aftermath of bushfires and display that information to the users of the app

Thank you for allowing us to share our story.
This data paints a picture on how we can effectively create a system that allows for live community reporting of bushfires and where to focus our efforts.
This data has enormous potential to better increase the communication between the RFS and the general public by educating users on existing data about bushfire prone land and already recorded incidents
We believe the signal app’s use of these datasets will greatly contribute to the Rural Fire Service's mission to reduce the occurrences and consequence of fires occurring in Australia.

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Team DataSets

NSW Bush Fire Prone Land

Description of Use Used to display locations of Bushfire prone-land with Google Maps on our app

Data Set

NSW Burnt Area - Combined bush fire incident extents

Description of Use Used to display incidences with Google Maps on our app

Data Set

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