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Using AIHW GEN data to create risk management solution for COVID-19 in residential aged care. Our web application allows users from government and non-government organisations to get a broad picture of the numbers of aged care patients in regions around Australia. Applying filters allows the user to see which regions are most at risk from COVID (as well as other diseases), allowing governments and NGOs to allocate their resources accordingly.

Once a location has been identified as at risk, the user can browse a list of aged care facilities in that location and allocate work with these providers to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID.

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Data Story

Our project began with a passion to help aged care residents and an examination of the GEN data source. Finding detailed data on every aged care resident in Australia in 2018-19 sparked the idea to create a portal that provided easy aggregation of this data for the use of policy makers who are struggling to respond pre-emptively to the threat posed by COVID-19. We combined this data set with data from every aged care facility in this country to provide a smooth experience in allowing users to look at both the macro level and the micro level without ever having to leave the app.

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Team DataSets

GEN data: Care needs of people in residential aged care

Description of Use Used to develop data charts for video delivery

Data Set

Aged Care Service Information June 2020

Description of Use The aged care service data has been matched with the regions defined in the "People using aged care" dataset, which allows the user to get a list of aged care providers in the selected region, enabling them to work with the providers to meet their goals (including limiting the spread of diseases in high risk areas).

Data Set

GEN data: People using aged care

Description of Use The data has been uploaded to the A-GEN Insights web-app database and is dynamically processed to determine the number of patients in each aged care region that meet the filters applied by the user. This allows the user to make decisions about where to allocate resources to manage issues that arise (including disease outbreaks).

Data Set

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