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Smart Super

“The Australian Dream is heading out to the country.” COVID-19 has presented massive hardships and challenges to many Australians, and in a post-pandemic world, we see a re-imagining of our societies. Financial goals. Lifestyle priorities. Employment opportunities. Our project gives insigh...

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To support the livelihoods of Australians impacted due to COVID, the government of Australia has announced that eligible candidates can have early access to their Super contributions. Super is an investment fund collected from the employers of over 5 million Australian employees to ensure that th...

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Money Talks

The Australian Government is allowing people financially affected by COVID-19 to apply for early access to their superannuation. But is dipping into your superannuation early a good idea? "If it was always their own money to use as they please, there would never be any superannuation. Becau...

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Industry analyser

Industry analyser is aimed to provide a data-driven solution to the current challenges the labour market is facing. It provides insights from both macro and micro perspectives. Industry analyser consolidates over 20 unique open datasets from public and private sections to build industry profile...

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Project 1230

visit this website to find out more: betteringthehumanexperience.xyz as .xyz domains are not supported

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Super Solver for COVID

Super Solver uses Azure, SQLDB and Bootstrap to take the user through the steps of 1. Determining whether they need to replace the amounts they have withdrawn. It uses the Tax Office data to provide them with the average levels of Super for their Age, Gender and Income. They can compare their s...

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The Super-Gap

The projects tell us how withdrawing super can impact our retirement and how many more years you have to work if you want to re-earn the super amount you withdrew. This will provide stats to the government to target financial stimulus based on the broad industry sector so that no one is left disa...

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Super Responsible

Super Responsible is a customisable and user-friendly calculator that enhances consumers’ awareness of the impacts of early withdrawal of superannuation funds. By combining financial data from the ATO and ABS, and using historical data for CPI and superannuation returns, it is possible to depict...

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Project Super Savings

COVID has struck the global economy hard and the Australian lands, already reeling from the aftereffects of Black Summer and droughts, are no exemption to this. With widespread loss of livelihoods, not only are Australians struggling to meet their financial goals, but also to make ends meet. ...

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