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Super Solver uses Azure, SQLDB and Bootstrap to take the user through the steps of
1. Determining whether they need to replace the amounts they have withdrawn. It uses the Tax Office data to provide them with the average levels of Super for their Age, Gender and Income. They can compare their super levels. It also links them to a commercial calculator for further analysis.
2. Once they know that their COVID withdraw has left them needing more Super, the system provides them with calculators for each of the options available. This allows them to determine the changes they need to make to ensure that their long term goals are not affected by the COVID withdraw.

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Data Story

The Tax Office Data provides a balance and contribution profile of the average and median taxpayer based on their Age, Gender and Income. This forms the basis of guiding the user through the decision on whether changes are needed and then into the options available to them for replacing it.

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Taxation Statistics 2017-18

Description of Use Data is loaded to Azure SQL Database and used in the application to advise users what normal contributions and balances should be expected for someone in their situation. This is a key element in the application to determine if the withdraw of benefits for COVID has left the user with a gap to fill.

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Withdrawing super during COVID-19

How do people understand and prepare for their long term financial needs after withdrawing their superannuation during COVID-19?

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