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Industry analyser is aimed to provide a data-driven solution to the current challenges the labour market is facing. It provides insights from both macro and micro perspectives.
Industry analyser consolidates over 20 unique open datasets from public and private sections to build industry profiles.
For government users, industry analyser provides a macro view of the status job market. It provides job growth, current employment rate, average income, cost of living as well as available funding programs which gives the public sector big pictures of different industries.
As for the employers, industry analyser provides visualised insights on the number of job seekers, industry growth, and average salary to pay for a particular job they are interested to publish. It can be used by the businesses to create strategies with more information on potential opportunities, related industry profiles, profits and expenses. It also allow employers to create job ads and added hashtags with the skill & experience level they desired to have which will then be used to match with the profiles job seekers created. The job ad function can help to streamline the application filtering process and find better matches.
For job seekers, industry analyser can help them to find the useful industry information. They are able to find out what jobs are/will be in demand and the expected income level. Industry analyser can also help the employee to make better financial plans. The superannuation estimator can assist to calculate the final superannuation amount till retirement with the option. The job seekers can also have a visual understanding of how withdrawing super during COVID-19 can impact their final savings. Industry analyser will also provide information on the available programs users can seek financial help from (such as the job-seeker program). Education pathway program information is also provided so they can upskill themselves and be qualified for the occupation.

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Data Story

In order to help citizens to be aware of the financial, social, economical challenges as a result of COVID-19 and other crisis, Industry analyser used a range of statistical techniques to extrapolate new insights. Normalisation and individualised thresholds are then applied to produce Ease of living (EOL) scores out of 10. These scores represent the calibre of these EOL indicators in various industries in our current and future states. These EOL scores can be used by individuals to help them make informed choices regarding getting into different industries.

The government then can use the insights to identify people & industry for targeted support, financial or otherwise.

We also came up with a Machines Learnning Model using the following datasets:

1) Jobseeker data
2) ATO - Rental dataset by State and postcodes, Annual incomes by occupation groups Census data
3) Labour Force Data
4) ABS Jobs in Australia data set
5) ABS Industry data sets
6) ABS Population data sets
7) IndustryAssociation Growth Plans

The predictive AI model that compares overall livability for people in need.

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Team DataSets

Job seeker data May 2020

Description of Use Used to provide job seeker outlook and prediction

Data Set

ABS Census Data

Data Set

ABS industry analysis

Description of Use Used to provide industry outlook and prediction

Data Set

Taxation Statistics 2017-18

Description of Use We used this dataset to see how tax statistics (income, expenses etc.) vary in each occupation over time. Table 14b has aggregated statistics dating back to 2010-2011. We used this dataset to build models which predict future wage growth

Data Set

Cost of living

Description of Use Giving jobsekers, government an indication of cost of living in different cities. This helps users to understand their current financial status, understand the implied cost, and estimate the expect the income level to make a living

Data Set

Job market projection

Description of Use This dataset contains LMIPs employment projections for each occupation, industry. We used this to give job seekers the current job market and future job market profile. Helping jobseekers to look for careers where there is predicted to have strong job growth and more opportunities

Data Set

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