Smart Super

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Disruptive Paradigm

Team Members

Dilshan , Shayne , Jerry , Joseph , Abhi

Project Description

“The Australian Dream is heading out to the country.”

COVID-19 has presented massive hardships and challenges to many Australians, and in a post-pandemic world, we see a re-imagining of our societies. Financial goals. Lifestyle priorities. Employment opportunities.

Our project gives insights into how we can imagine life in the new normal, using the super withdrawal scheme to give Australians an opportunity to re-evaluate and explore their options for the long-term. We see regional and rural Australia and its thriving local communities as an answer to some of the challenges.

Our platform allows users to see their financial situation at a glance and quantify the impact of living in a regional area, alongside an algorithm that matches their priorities to a suitable area. It could be opportunities for job seekers, the amenities and lifestyle that matches their family’s goals, or how a change of pace could work for them in retirement.

The post COVID-19 Australia is coming soon.

Ready when you are.

Data Story

We used ATO data on superannuation balances with age and income range to build a tool that gives users an idea of how their super balance compares with those of similar age and income range. Transformations include grouping, filtering for outliers and calculating range endpoints.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

Job seeker data May 2020

Description of Use Descriptive analysis of the data to draw conclusions and develop an understanding of the job market.

Data Set

Taxation Statistics 2017-18

Description of Use Used superannuation balance, age and income data to generate a "Super Health" score. Giving the user an idea of where their super balance lies relative to those with similar age and income.

Data Set


Description of Use We used MyVictoria to gather demographics about a particular suburb or region, including population, household, income, housing prices, cultural diversity, as well as public transport utilisation and services. Using this data we were able to design machine learning models to plan out an individual's retirement, taking into consideration their preferences and superannuation contributions.

Data Set

Household characteristics in Victoria, by SA1, 2016 (extract)

Description of Use We used this to gather information about households in different regional areas and suburbs.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Caring for the Aged in COVID Times

How can we reimagine the aged care experience

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Assisting job seekers to take advantage of digital employment services

How might we use our de-identified data on job seekers, and other data that are publicly available, to discover new opportunities for job seekers to best use digital employment services.

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COVID-19 Economic / Social Recovery

How might we use data to assist our understanding of what a post-COVID-19 Victoria may look like?

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Withdrawing super during COVID-19

How do people understand and prepare for their long term financial needs after withdrawing their superannuation during COVID-19?

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Industry assistance during COVID-19

How can we help identify and assist people in industries most affected by COVID-19?

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