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Hack n Track

<h1>Hack N Track</h1> <br> Is an interactive educational game developed for all demographics it highlights the importance of waste plastic identification in a fun and interactive way that empowers the user. We offer a built in rewards system that lets you earn while you scan . We drop t...

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Project Clearwater

![Project Clearwater](https://github.com/yetanothercarbot/govhack2020/raw/master/misc/banner.png) # by Team Sanity is Optional - GovHack 2020. [View our video covering our project here!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ijAqY6fryI) Our project uses IoT devices to track plastic waste. I...

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Lights Out

## The Problem Street lighting comprises of 14.8% (9,935 GJ) of total energy used by the City of Hobart, and is a major contributor to electrical and greenhouse gas usage in all cities. The City of Hobart spends approximately $1.5 - $2 million dollars a year and would like to investigate st...

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The epidemic has had a huge impact on australia. Depression and other mental health issues have risen and we witnessed a shortage in healthcare staff. The elderly are among this almost effected, yet they are among the most vulnerable. Access to medicine, treatment and othe important services has ...

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Creating darker skies and reducing household lighting energy consumption through nationwide experimentation using IoT!

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Tackling unprecedented hazards with IoT

My work attempts to address industrial and natural hazards with the help of modern technology like IoT and AI.

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FireCloud is an automated, data-driven, and real-time bushfire monitoring and early warning broadcast system. Our idea is to supplement existing satellite-based fire detection systems with ground-based, IoT remote sensing devices. During bushfire season, it allows the Fire Service and concerned c...

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ZenSci aims to introduce budding citizen scientists into the compelling and understudied world of entomology and biological diversity. Using a location based mobile app the users will gather data on perhaps the most critical ecosystem engineers, largely responsible for food production, soil, air ...

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The Fire Festival

What is resilience and how do we measure it? To answer this question, we looked for inspiration from the immune system - a resilient machinery that has evolved to fight against attacks. A big component of immunity is memory - the immune system has a mechanism that retains information so that ...

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Use of smart technology to monitor and control bush fires.

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FireWater - showing firefighters the fastest route to real-time available water.

Location of, and Real time water level monitoring of, rural water tanks and other water sources, for emergency services preparing for and dealing with a fire emergency.

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GeoNodes is the unification of IoT, Augmented Reality (AR) and Machine Learning with the popular gaming aspects of GeoCaching and Ingress. GeoNodes is a citizen science AR game for mobile devices, paired with physical data collection nodes that, together, are designed to help further the gath...

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Project 1119

Digital city smart cities

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Connected Community

Connected Community project will enable collection of data from varieties of sources and combine them to provide actionable insights. This aims to provide Emergency and Community Services safe and predictable work environments. It promotes sustainable communities by increasing community participa...

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