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Ruoxuan Li , Yixuan Guo , Lingzhi , MASOOM PATEL , Chuchu , Ahmad Haji , Mike

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The epidemic has had a huge impact on australia. Depression and other mental health issues have risen and we witnessed a shortage in healthcare staff. The elderly are among this almost effected, yet they are among the most vulnerable. Access to medicine, treatment and othe important services has been a challenge for the elderly; including access to doctors.

Luckily, we have an excellent team with experience in AI, remote dignosis technology, and brings our solution-CareMate. It is a health care app designed for the elder, and integrates funtions like remote diagnosis and medicine/grocery delivery.

We always care.

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Data Story

Data was collected respectively in order to deduce why our app is significant during this pandemic.

Yearly age increase of data was analysed, seeing a significant increase in aged people over the past 2 decades.

We analysed the population of all states and the expenditure the government spends on aged care. This went hand in hand signifying that more the population, more expenditure. However with increase in population, the resources at the hospitals for aged people were declining.
Looking at the trend of Home/Residential/Transition Care, showed steep increase in Home Care.
Also we analysed the user experience in aged care with different symptoms.

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Aged care data

Description of Use See the data in github.

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