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Matthew Elgers and 4 other members with unpublished profiles.

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Use of smart technology to monitor and control bush fires.

#bushfire #iot

Data Story

Vegetation load, population density, topographical features and historical fire behaviour datasets are used to develop a function/model in ArcMap. Active data collected is humidity, temperature, live visuals, wind speed and direction and infra-red detection of fires through drone sensors.

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Team DataSets

Landsat and Sentinel2 fire scars 2016 Queensland

Description of Use Describing previously burnt areas and reducing the risk of that area burning again soon after.

Data Set

Remnant 2017 broad vegetation groups - Queensland

Description of Use Using to categorise the risk factors of varying vegetation

Data Set

Local government area boundaries - Queensland

Description of Use Using it to select an areas fire risk. Also for the QLD Base-map.

Data Set


Description of Use Spatial program used predict and track fires. Used ad a base idea to improve on.

Data Set

Bushfire Prone areas - Queensland

Description of Use Map overlay

Data Set

Bushfire hazard area - Bushfire prone area - Queensland

Description of Use Areas best suited to have fire drones deployed from.

Data Set

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Bushfire Ready

What can we do to prevent or prepare for bushfires?

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Data Driven IoT Insights for sustainable communities

How can data from connected devices on the wireless Internet of Things (IoT) network be used to make our community spaces - our homes, towns, cities or region - more efficient and sustainable?

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Learning from the Past

How might we use data assets from Victoria and other jurisdictions to better understand bushfire events and their effects on communities and the environment?

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