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# iSafe This is an app that engages the users to report any hazards and at the same time alerts them either if some user in the area has reported a hazard or a government agency sending the alerts. This also cautions the users based on the historical data of disasters when they are in those affe...

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A project that helps promote Tasmania's heritage by providing a website where: - Tourist can look for information and read all historical stories about heritage places in Hobart, create personalized tours to maximize experience. - Local residents can contribute by sharing the stories they know ...

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iFAS (instant Fire Alert System)

iFAS – Instant Fire Alert System to alert residents at different stages of fire iFAS is built to collect real time data using ad hoc sensor network deployed into the bushes. From the deployed area the system gets smoke, heat, animal movement, humidity, and environmental sound data to be p...

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Calamitigator, as the name suggests is an interface to mitigate the costs associated with calamities which have become ever so frequent. The approach we take works on 3 fronts: Government or Authorities Citizens Community Using historical trends and real-time data, along with counting f...

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GovHack Admin: This is the link for evidence of work: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1P_mE7GJ8DK2fYypeTX4DbQtpGhrma0hm In the wake of Covid-19, we find that the elderly are more susceptible to a greater risk within the community. With the spread of the virus increasing it is more impor...

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Project Resilience

Australians are some of the most resilient people on Earth. Having gone through difficult socio,economic disasters we have still made it and prospered with it. But everyone has a different coping mechanism to deal financial, mental and physical stress. Project Resilience makes an effort to uncov...

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Connecting senior citizens with their friends and anonymous kindness!

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Project Mantissa

[WATCH THE VIDEO](https://youtu.be/woxRbwKTink) Project Mantissa is an on-premise app that coordinates volunteers via SMS. But it does way more than just broadcasting! Normally you'd think "APPS" when someone says workforce management. But with certain situations like emerg...

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The epidemic has had a huge impact on australia. Depression and other mental health issues have risen and we witnessed a shortage in healthcare staff. The elderly are among this almost effected, yet they are among the most vulnerable. Access to medicine, treatment and othe important services has ...

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FireCloud is an automated, data-driven, and real-time bushfire monitoring and early warning broadcast system. Our idea is to supplement existing satellite-based fire detection systems with ground-based, IoT remote sensing devices. During bushfire season, it allows the Fire Service and concerned c...

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Australians play a major role in bringing the community together. By enabling the responsible citizens & leaders to be early respondents, supporting the Emergency management systems, the power of human volume will make a positive impact on how we manage Emergency in future. The Citizen in Touc...

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Project 1034

## Datasets used https://directrelief.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/2fb00ba4940740cbbf8f08f8746626f7 https://data.gov.au/data/dataset/geocoded-national-address-file-g-naf

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Data Seeker

This is an entry for the GovHack 2020 Queensland Event. The project team is me – Kylie Docherty. I am an IT teacher based in Brisbane with a passion for using openData to create innovative Digital Solutions My project is called Data Seeker. The problem my project addresses is the unemployment...

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Solution: The messenger to send SMS & MMS to notify the emergency Emergency Messages will be sending to the people across a region based on the Geo Locations, assuming government authorities will provide access to the mobile numbers who all are within the geo location. Response will tracked to...

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Watchtower: An operational management system with integrated Telstra messaging and CSIRO data analytics for a smarter, more connected modern emergency service

Australia has many emergency services, [Vic SES](https://www.ses.vic.gov.au/), [NSW SES](https://www.ses.nsw.gov.au/), CFA, RFS, and so on. The duty officers of many of these services still rely on spreadsheets to organise their crews, and when a job is on they have to activate crew by manually t...

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