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Fire aware, fire prepare

An app by the people for the people, to help prevent and raise awareness around bush fires within the community. Hosting features such as fire prevention review, distance from fire, live alerts in affected areas and links to further information. The proposed mobile hosted app would link with ...

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Bush fires

The challenge selected involves becoming ‘Bushfire Ready’ relating to what can we do to prevent or prepare for bushfires and other extreme weather events on the Sunshine Coast. This is an important, relevant issue due to the social, economical and environmental strain caused by the 2019–2020 Aust...

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Project 1083

Over the past year, extreme weather events including bushfires have resulted in many lives lost and property and animals damaged. With the trend of extreme weather events increasing in intensity and frequency, we aimed to model this trend to highlight the increasing risks it brings for use in inf...

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Bushfire Alert QLD

We have developed an app idea that will help users with monitoring bushfires across Queensland. Our app will have many features that help the average user with developing an evacuation plan which can be catered to there needs. This can include things that they may want to take with them in an eva...

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Fire Focus

Be Prepared, Be Safe, and Be Alert are the three facets of bushfire safety that the USC Researchers team have applied to establish the "Fire Focus" campaign. This campaign involves the development of an education program for bushfire awareness and preparation, the establishment of National Bushfi...

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FireWatch is a free to download app which allows users to input there contact details and postcode to upload potential fire risks in their area, as well as links to BOM with push notifications that warn users about upcoming bush fire weather. The app also provides links to their local council and...

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Use of smart technology to monitor and control bush fires.

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Ready. Aim. Fire.

# Using citizen science to help prepare for, predict and prevent losses from bushfire events Current fire detection systems are limited to public observation and reporting. This is a low cost, low fidelity solution to a potentially catastrophic problem. Every minute of delay in reporting and r...

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Be Aware and Prepare

Codeless has produced a product that provides a solution to the challenge 'Bushfire Ready'. The hack is a bushfire awareness application readily available for the general public to download. The application features a fire hazard map with real time data that alerts users when weather conditions e...

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The aim of the project is to create a fire tracking app. The idea is to provide a quick, and easy to access tool, that indicates the likely direction and travel speed of fires in your vicinity, via a mobile app. There are no user inputs other than the location of their device which is provide...

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Fire Wire

Fire Wire is an app that will provide an increase in fire safety for the public. The app will have the functions of warning people if they have entered a fire prone area, track on going fires, and predict whether the fires may affect them through wind and other variables. This will allow people i...

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