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FireWatch is a free to download app which allows users to input there contact details and postcode to upload potential fire risks in their area, as well as links to BOM with push notifications that warn users about upcoming bush fire weather. The app also provides links to their local council and fire department depending on the post code provided. The app will also include information on preparing your house/property for bush fire protection. With government sponsorship there can also be a push to have the app compulsory for civilians wanting to burn off or have large domestic fires.

Data Story

('Bushfires in Australia') - Causes of bushfires, annual bushfire count. ((scroll down))

('Bushfire weather') - environmental factors, risk prediction.

('Is Fuel Reduction Burning the Answer?') - influencing environmental factors, current solutions.

('Bushfire prone area - Queensland series') - identifying regions prone to bushfires, kept for utilisation in potential 'risk calculator.'

('A new methodology for state-wide mapping of bushfire prone areas in Queensland') - further investigation into 'risk calculator' using bushfire prone areas.

('Emergency services facilities - Queensland') - investigation into bushfire emergencies, insight into QRFS services and locations.

('QFES Incident Data') - further investigation into QFES services, frequency, incidents and causes.

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Team DataSets

QFES Incident Data

Description of Use Used to determine total number of incidents attended by QFES from 2015-2019

Data Set

Is Fuel Reduction Burning the Answer?

Description of Use Help with understanding of fuel loads and the rate of spread of bushfires.

Data Set

Bushfires in Australia

Data Set

Bushfire Weather

Description of Use Used for understanding of weather conditions that cause bushfires

Data Set

Emergency services facilities - Queensland

Description of Use Used to identify the location and accessibility of emergency service facilities

Data Set

A new methodology for state-wide mapping of bushfire prone areas in Queensland

Description of Use Identifies areas at largest risk.

Data Set

Bushfire prone area - Queensland series

Description of Use Identifying the highest prone areas to bushfires in QLD

Data Set

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