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We have developed an app idea that will help users with monitoring bushfires across Queensland. Our app will have many features that help the average user with developing an evacuation plan which can be catered to there needs. This can include things that they may want to take with them in an evacuation and other steps they will take during an evacuation. Our app also caters a widespread map which will detail all fires across Queensland with details such as the severity of the fire and other information such as weather condition and rate of spread. Our app also has an easy to use function which will allow users to quickly report any new fires once reported our app will send the notification through to the local fire department who will respond promptly to the fire.

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Data Story

Accurate data is key to the development of the app. Wind speed and direction will be used to predict where the fire is most likely to migrate, and combined with geographic data to stipulate the safest evacuation route possible. Temperature humidity and rainfall will be used with vegetation data to show possible risk areas where a bush fire can begin.

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Climate statistics for Australian locations

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Daily rainfall Sunshine Coast Airport

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Sunshine Coast Airport, Queensland August 2020 Daily Weather Observations

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