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Coral - protect the lives

Team Member - Ayaz Aziz Mujawar Harshal Harish Shah Chongzheng Zhao Yuyang Wang Awards Categories Entered Proactively reducing rubbish and pollution in our waterways Track and trace: help end plastic waste Problem - Proactively reducing the rubbish environment. - Reducing the effect...

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DataTasker is a project aimed at linking young people with scientific projects, to increase and improve open-source data available in the community. It consists of a mobile application allowing the general public to join projects, collaborate and provide much needed data for eligible projects req...

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Smart Traps

Using smart IoT devices to reduce rubbish and pollution in our waterways

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Drastic On Plastic

Drastic on plastic is our proposed solution to what has become a massive environmental problem. Plastics - such as packaging, are finding their way pretty much everywhere, including some of our beautiful waterways, our oceans, and our parklands. But we propose ideas to help prevent, reduce and re...

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#Materials Numbers Matters!!

Plastic is the main source of Water waste. Materials dumping numbers tells the story of how we are polluting the aquatic life and waterways. Rubbish Management is a Universal problem

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