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Team 1004

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Lavanya , Sridhar

Project Description

Using smart IoT devices to reduce rubbish and pollution in our waterways

Data Story

Litter, is one of the major pollutant in in-land and ocean waters. Tracking and tracing to the source of litter is the biggest issue. The proposal is to use smart IoT sensor devices. Devices attached to the litter traps will monitor and provide upto date data, which will help in analyzing and understanding the issue more deeply and to implement tailored solutions.

Proposed Solution: Smart Litter Traps


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Smart bin data set

Description of Use used to mock the smart litter traps

Data Set

litter collections

Data Set

litter traps

Data Set

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Proactively reducing rubbish and pollution in our waterways

When rubbish and pollutants enter our waterways, it harms our aquatic life and spoils the amenity of our community spaces. How can we use open data to proactively reduce rubbish and common pollutants from entering our waterways so that we protect our natural environment and keep our rivers and creeks clean today, so that we can enjoy them tomorrow?

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