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Our project is to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles, coffee cups and containers. The project uses the MAP, GPS and real-time detection information to locate the near take-away restaurants, the cafes and the fountains. If customers go to the merchants using their own bottle, cups or con...

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Tourism is one of the major sources of income for the smallest state of Australia. COVID-19 has hit the local community and small businesses the hardest. B-Here enables people to explore different places in their area. This app is designed to support local businesses and the local community in Ta...

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Online Monitoring of High-Voltage Transmission Lines and Bush Fire System

Online monitoring of high-voltage transmission lines and bush fire system can perform all-weather, real-time monitoring of the operating conditions of high-voltage transmission lines operating in harsh environments, which can effectively reduce the construction of surrounding lines (dangerous poi...

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Electronic Receipt Management

With the development of the market economy, more and more people choose to record the details of consumption while consuming, and to meet people's financial management needs through planning and sorting out financial status. For a long time, in the traditional market economy, people have been acc...

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Heritage Hunt

It is an irrefutable fact that Launceston is Australia's third oldest city and one of the country's best-preserved historical heritage. Heritage Hunt is a mobile app developed by Team Wonder to help the local, national as well as international tourist travellers to know about the Launceston hi...

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Travel at Home

With the trend of COVID-19, the tourism industry in Tasmania has been severely affected, and with the travel ban went effect in March, there are few visitors who are allowed to enter Tasmania. Compared with previous years, it is easy to notice that the volume of visitors and the money they spend ...

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Team Members: Niko Bayramzade (Team Captain) Mohamed Rikkas Razeek Cheuk Yan Chow (Stephanie) Problems solving: PANDEMIC AND POST PANDEMIC: NEW WAY OF LIFE PHYSICAL INSPECTION DISTANT INSPECTION PURCHASE ONLINE SAFETY CHALLENGES: 1. Most Outstanding Tasmanian Benefit (GovHack 202...

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