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Team Wonder

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Krishna , Alice , Cathy Yang , Cameron , John X.

Project Description

It is an irrefutable fact that Launceston is Australia's third oldest city and one of the country's best-preserved historical heritage.

Heritage Hunt is a mobile app developed by Team Wonder to help the local, national as well as international tourist travellers to know about the Launceston history, people and their stories. Additionally, people can also choose to enter an augmented reality feature where they can paint the building of their choice in their second visit.

This app helps the visitor to explore more on the history, culture, and people of Launceston by providing the view of old and the current image when the user is looking for the heritage. Also, when the user comes near or passes by the heritage building, he will get the message and voice notification saying “Heritage nearby”. This gamified appraoch creates a engaging and enjoyable way to explore the local heritage suroundings.

For every heritage location the user visits in Launceston, they get rewarded points after each visit. After collecting sufficient reward points, for example, 200pts, the user can get a $10 reward voucher connected with the local business in their account. Moreover, if they are a first time visitor they could also get a 5% extra discount. Small businesses can advertise their business with the vouchers. Also customers visit their business to utilize their rewards in the form of coffee or lunch or national park entry ticket. Additionally, the nearby restaurants, cafes, and other shops are also visible on the map. Thus, our app also could support the local business.

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Data Story

Libraries Tasmania Archive
- Images used to show heritage location

Open Street Map - Tasmania
- Map to include to pin locations of heritage sites

Tasmanian Heritage Register
- The location of heritage sites to be placed on map

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

Libraries Tasmania Archive

Description of Use Data to be used as images within the mobile application. They are used as prompts/hints for the user to try a find historic places within Tasmania and will be shown when the location has been found.

Data Set

Open Street Map - Tasmania

Description of Use Map to be used to pinpoint heritage locations.

Data Set

Tasmanian Heritage Register

Description of Use This is to be used in order to identify the location of historic places. When the user goes to one of these locations they would have completed that particular hunt/challenge.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Best Use of Tasmanian Heritage Data (GoHack 2020)

How can we use data to showcase Tasmania’s history, people and stories?

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Best Use of Tasmanian Spatial Data (GovHack 2020)

How can you use Tasmanian spatial data to improve life for Tasmanian residents or businesses?

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Open challenge to benefit the greater Launceston community

How can your idea benefit the community of Launceston? This is an open challenge so come up with something creative.

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Most Outstanding Tasmanian Benefit (GovHack 2020)

How can we use Open Data to most benefit residents of Tasmania?

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