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Re-energising 2170

# Re-engergising our city center ## Overview Our project has a data analysis focus, we have analyzed various data sources to better understand both the immediate impact on the job market and local industry. Using this analysis we present some potential ideas that can be taken onboard to hel...

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Eco Pulse

1.Decision support tool to re-skill & redeploy work force powered by analytics modelling. 2.Supported by priority local procurement & social enterprise framework. 3.Supported by social sentiment analysis tool & digital democracy for community engagement.

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The Freers

My 2020 GovHack team and I are working to digitalise charity op-shops using public and government datasets, so that the op-shops can keep operating during COVID-19. As a proof of concept, our team built an app for op-shops to catalogue and list their books online. ### Video Addendum Du...

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Smart Super

“The Australian Dream is heading out to the country.” COVID-19 has presented massive hardships and challenges to many Australians, and in a post-pandemic world, we see a re-imagining of our societies. Financial goals. Lifestyle priorities. Employment opportunities. Our project gives insigh...

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To support the livelihoods of Australians impacted due to COVID, the government of Australia has announced that eligible candidates can have early access to their Super contributions. Super is an investment fund collected from the employers of over 5 million Australian employees to ensure that th...

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Team Members: Niko Bayramzade (Team Captain) Mohamed Rikkas Razeek Cheuk Yan Chow (Stephanie) Problems solving: PANDEMIC AND POST PANDEMIC: NEW WAY OF LIFE PHYSICAL INSPECTION DISTANT INSPECTION PURCHASE ONLINE SAFETY CHALLENGES: 1. Most Outstanding Tasmanian Benefit (GovHack 202...

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Industry analyser

Industry analyser is aimed to provide a data-driven solution to the current challenges the labour market is facing. It provides insights from both macro and micro perspectives. Industry analyser consolidates over 20 unique open datasets from public and private sections to build industry profile...

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As COVID-19 has swept across the globe, economies around the world have ground to a halt. Governments have taken drastic action to try to control its spread, urging their citizens to socially distance themselves and stay at home. Entire workforces have shifted to working from home, international ...

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CLEAR (The app of the future)

The world has been shut down due to the catastrophic outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the present and distant future is in jeopardy and how to slowly get back to the world that was once known is proving difficult. Australia is struggling to stay virus free with the second wave proving to be very d...

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Second Chance

Our project is called Second Chance, it is aimed to help those who are homeless, the elderly, the disabled and the people effected by covid-19. Our projects allows the homeless, elderly and the disabled to work together their in creating a space where they can all belong and live in peace.

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The Super-Gap

The projects tell us how withdrawing super can impact our retirement and how many more years you have to work if you want to re-earn the super amount you withdrew. This will provide stats to the government to target financial stimulus based on the broad industry sector so that no one is left disa...

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Super Responsible

Super Responsible is a customisable and user-friendly calculator that enhances consumers’ awareness of the impacts of early withdrawal of superannuation funds. By combining financial data from the ATO and ABS, and using historical data for CPI and superannuation returns, it is possible to depict...

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locali ☕

  #Locali *locali* is handy app to connect local businesses and residents, providing a safe and secure way for customers to check in, while also providing crucial data to businesses and the government. *locali* connects local business and residents, encouraging them to shop, explore and...

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We are hack-to-the-future. A team of 6 people submitting an entry to Gov Hack 2020. Made up of Developers, Electrical, Mechanical and Software Engineers in different States. For our team submission we have chosen to focus on the following challenge: Challenge: Data, Job-Seekers & Digital...

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Project 1342

# GovHack 2020 To access our final analysis, click [here](https://github.com/mtwigzell/LEgovhack/blob/publish/final.md). # Team members: + [Marc Wigzell](https://github.com/mtwigzell) + [David Lim](https://github.com/dlim-au) + [Elena Tartaglia](https://github.com/eigensong...

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