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Industry analyser

Industry analyser is aimed to provide a data-driven solution to the current challenges the labour market is facing. It provides insights from both macro and micro perspectives. Industry analyser consolidates over 20 unique open datasets from public and private sections to build industry profile...

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Bias Catcher

The language that is used, verbally or in text, strongly influences our thoughts and actions. Certain words or phrases can create and perpetuate biases, unwittingly or deliberately. Biases that constrains or diminishes the worth, value, inclusiveness or potential of other human beings only serv...

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Imagine, it’s December 2020. There are long winded queues in front of the pharmacies and vaccine distribution centres. The Australian government only has a very limited number of vaccines. The population is desperate to return to normality and the vaccine is the only key to achieving this. For th...

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The Fire Festival

What is resilience and how do we measure it? To answer this question, we looked for inspiration from the immune system - a resilient machinery that has evolved to fight against attacks. A big component of immunity is memory - the immune system has a mechanism that retains information so that ...

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Time is running out !

In this project, we are building insights on 1. possible economic and social recovery from COVID-19, 2. helping Victorians to understand the current situation better and 3. suggestions/ideas on improving the community growth and recovery; based on the datasets provided in the challenges

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Second Chance

Our project is called Second Chance, it is aimed to help those who are homeless, the elderly, the disabled and the people effected by covid-19. Our projects allows the homeless, elderly and the disabled to work together their in creating a space where they can all belong and live in peace.

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Swarm is an application built to help identify and avoid areas of high community transmission. Swarm lets you know where the crowds are gathering so that you can more effectively social distance. The app is easy to use and easy to understand. As well as helping to stamp out Covid-19 from our com...

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Geo Ora

Geo Ora analyses social media sentiment in local groups and pages. This allows you to better monitor the mental health and status of the local community in response to current events. Allowing you to find events going on and avoid potential hazards people have encountered recently - in the future...

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Project 1286

We have supplied a Proactive Investment Strategy to Make Safer Communities. It is proposed that this will work through an investment strategy driven by local government that focuses on levers to produce positive outputs and outcomes founded upon principles of: • Holistic whole-of-community solu...

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To say 2020 has been a challenging year would be an understatement! We’ve seen in our communities that some people are struggling more than others; with about one quarter of kiwis struggling to find government covid information, with a large factor being an excess amount of information. To stay a...

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In a COVID world, where face-to-face contact may not always possible, how do we ensure that individuals can get the support they need in times of uncertainty? MyMSDChat is a chatbot solution to help Work and Income New Zealand cope with increased demand on their resources, and gather data abo...

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local 4U

2020 has challenged the human race, the Corona Virus has ripped into the very core of who we are and how we go about our lives. In such times there needs to be great learnings to help make sense of this period and to heal and mend. Senior members of our community have struggled through this pe...

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Spend Tracing

Our project aims to trace spend by the Queensland Government and its impact on Industry, small business and communities. Solution It involves three steps (1) Normalise datasets - We took 9 out of the available 66 datasets for contracts granted by government agencies to suppliers, combined ...

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# AutoTrace ## What is this app? AutoTrace is made as an extension to the current NZ COVID tracker app. Due to the manual nature of using the app on public transport, incorporating AutoTrace to the already existing NZ tracing app, would allow for the app to track when you get on and off of ...

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LivCity is an application that allows a city to gain community sources information on selected areas. This app functions by an administrator or researcher selecting an area to question, this could be for example regarding air pollution, traffic, safety, waste and more. Using feedback from the com...

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FireWater - showing firefighters the fastest route to real-time available water.

Location of, and Real time water level monitoring of, rural water tanks and other water sources, for emergency services preparing for and dealing with a fire emergency.

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