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Geo Ora analyses social media sentiment in local groups and pages. This allows you to better monitor the mental health and status of the local community in response to current events. Allowing you to find events going on and avoid potential hazards people have encountered recently - in the future we can use this kind of data to predict the reaction of communities to particular events, such as how people would react during flooding or a pandemic.

Geo Ora aims to branch the gap between the community and their news sources.

#identifying government investment for enhancing community safety #responding to the next regional country or world emergency

Data Story

We generated our own data from Facebook, alongside government data about current Covid-19 pandemic situation. We found that the libraries for gathering social media data needed some adjustments to work for our project. We created our own algorithms to clean the data, and passed this in real time to amazon's comprehend engine to give analysis of the sentiment of messages and posts, finally this was passed to elastic search for graphing and final filtering.

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Identifying government investment for enhancing community safety

How can governments apply resources so as to proactively address social issues before they escalate and require reactive interventions (e.g. social work, law enforcement etc.)?

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Responding to the next regional, country or world emergency

How can we better respond to the next regional, country or world emergency by leveraging emerging technologies and the plethora of government datasets available?

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