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Mask Count

Our solution leverages the power of Citizen Science by providing a counting tool to shed light on mask-wearing compliance across Victoria. The data collected will populate a heat map visualization in real-time, within postcode boundaries. This will allow us to demonstrate the proportion of thos...

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For the Record

#### Team Members<br> **Marcela** - Team leader, Programmer (Python) and data processor **Liam** - Programmer (Python, typescript, C++) **Leonard** - Data processor, project flow multi-tasker, the little bits **Jerem** - Video/Audio creator **Claudia** - Creative skills: artist /...

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Experimenting the Possibility

We are experimenting with Victorians to use Public Transport more than Personal Vehicle with a use case to help Victorians to save time, money , become healthier and most important factor , we are predicting crash for them.

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DataTasker is a project aimed at linking young people with scientific projects, to increase and improve open-source data available in the community. It consists of a mobile application allowing the general public to join projects, collaborate and provide much needed data for eligible projects req...

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Creating darker skies and reducing household lighting energy consumption through nationwide experimentation using IoT!

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Unemployment is a big problem Job seekers needs to take care of themselves as well as families Be on a high demand job has always been a problem in this dynamic world Getting success in the advertised job is not so easy

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ZenSci aims to introduce budding citizen scientists into the compelling and understudied world of entomology and biological diversity. Using a location based mobile app the users will gather data on perhaps the most critical ecosystem engineers, largely responsible for food production, soil, air ...

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![EnviroAssist Logo](https://i.imgur.com/bPFmG9T.png "EnviroAssist Logo") The **COVID-19 pandemic has significantly hindered environmental research** around the world and has highlighted the **need to harness the power of citizen science** to assist researchers to carry out their jobs. EnviroA...

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Ready. Aim. Fire.

# Using citizen science to help prepare for, predict and prevent losses from bushfire events Current fire detection systems are limited to public observation and reporting. This is a low cost, low fidelity solution to a potentially catastrophic problem. Every minute of delay in reporting and r...

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GeoNodes is the unification of IoT, Augmented Reality (AR) and Machine Learning with the popular gaming aspects of GeoCaching and Ingress. GeoNodes is a citizen science AR game for mobile devices, paired with physical data collection nodes that, together, are designed to help further the gath...

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Time is running out !

In this project, we are building insights on 1. possible economic and social recovery from COVID-19, 2. helping Victorians to understand the current situation better and 3. suggestions/ideas on improving the community growth and recovery; based on the datasets provided in the challenges

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Animal Welfare Tracker

Bringing together citizen science and open agricultural datasets

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