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Swetalina Nayak , Jubin , Saurabh Jain , Anikesh , Saket

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We are experimenting with Victorians to use Public Transport more than Personal Vehicle with a use case to help Victorians to save time, money , become healthier and most important factor , we are predicting crash for them.

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Data Story

Citizen Science – Experimenting the possibility
Meet Ben
Why - Ben needs help to understand what is his life choices ? What he truly desires ?

What and How - High Level Solution Pointers
Push Notification – Before Ben gets up in the morning – push notification (Today’s Travel Analysis) in his PTV Mobile APP
He clicks the notification – PTV APP opens up – Dashboard pops up – 
Dashboard – Choice of Life of using PT
Real time comparison – Travel time Using PT and Travel time using Car.
Real time comparison – PT Travel Cost and Car Travel Cost 
( Petrol, Toll (with or without toll) , Parking (Early Bird and Late)
Distance from home to Station – Calorie Burn (Healthy Choice) – Google Maps API
Predict Crash (Brownie Point – Algorithm based prediction)
Average Points during a particular point and point time frame
Chances of Crash
Saving fossil fuel for future
Environment of CO2 emission reduction Revenue – Percentage reduction using PT 
Rewards – Gaining rewards using PT ( Accumulation of no of days of usage of PT)

Data Used
Crash Data Extract - Victorian Government Data Directory
The data provided allows users to analyse Victorian fatal and injury crash data based on time, location, conditions, crash type, road user type, object hit etc.Click for the User Guide and...

EPA Air Watch All Sites Air Quality Hourly Averages - Yearly - Victorian Government Data Directory
EPA AirWatch data shows air quality information measured by EPA’s air monitoring stations around Victoria. Data at each location is updated each hour. This extract is an annual report of 1-hourly...

Environment Monitoring API - Victorian Government Data Directory
The Environment Monitoring API published by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria provides access to real-time information related to environment quality, notices and forecasts...

PTV Timetable API - Victorian Government Data Directory
The PTV Timetable API provides direct access to Public Transport Victoria’s public transport timetable data. The API returns scheduled timetable, route and stop data for all metropolitan and...

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Team DataSets

EPA Audit Reports

Description of Use Victoria EPA Audit Reports

Data Set

Traffic Signal Strategic Monitor Detector Data

Description of Use Real time Traffic Data

Data Set

Crash Data Extract

Description of Use Victoria Crash Data Extract

Data Set

Bluetooth Travel Time (updates every 2 minutes)

Description of Use Victoria Bluetooth Travel Time (updates every 2 minutes)

Data Set

PTV Timetable API

Description of Use Used to provide real time status

Data Set

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Citizen Science

How might we create a citizen science experiment to support a better understanding of what is happening in the State of Victoria?

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