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Awareness, understanding and respect – How can Open Data help the #BLM movement?

The Black Lives Matter (#BLM) movement is not new, neither are racial injustices. However, in 2020 a series of racially motivated deaths, brutality and profiling in the US sent shockwaves around the world. Over 15 Million people took to the streets around the world to protest, and demand change. What can Open Government Data do to help the movement?

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Caring for the Aged in COVID Times

How can we reimagine the aged care experience

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Identifying government investment for enhancing community safety

How can governments apply resources so as to proactively address social issues before they escalate and require reactive interventions (e.g. social work, law enforcement etc.)?

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Markets for recycled organic products made from food and garden organics

Food waste occurs from the farm to restaurants to households. When nutrients and carbon are buried in landfill, there is significant impact on the environment and public health through greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, biodiversity loss and resource depletion. How might we support the case for processing food waste into recycled organic products?

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Science Tasker

How might we harness the power of the everyday citizen to conduct ongoing scientific research which has been hindered by constraints on travel due to COVID-19

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