Caring for the Aged in COVID Times

Jurisdiction: International

How can we reimagine the aged care experience

Global and Australian experience shows that during COVID times, the oldest amongst us are at the greatest risk. Our Aged Care Facilities have our most vulnerable citizens in their care and communicable diseases are an ever-present risk. Global and Australian experience with COVID-19 has shown all of us how vulnerable these facilities can be, and we know that even the Flu season can be devastating.

We are looking for ideas addressing the risk of pandemics and keeping the elderly safe. Can we look at innovative solutions that can be easily accessed and used by the elderly, their caregivers, their families, or a mixture of all user groups?

Based on data available in the public domain, we’re looking for prototypes/ ways/ proof of concept that will truly reimagine the aged care experience.

Entry: Challenge entry is available to all teams in Competition 2020.

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