Victoria PTV Timetable API

Region: Victoria

Description: The PTV Timetable API provides direct access to Public Transport Victoria’s public transport timetable data. The API returns scheduled timetable, route and stop data for all metropolitan and regional train, tram and bus services in Victoria (including Night Network). It also returns real-time data for metropolitan train, tram and bus services (where this data is made available to PTV), as well as disruption information, stop facility information, and access to myki ticket outlet data. NEW: PTV has created a new version of the PTV Timetable API – Version 3, documented in Swagger. Version 2 of the PTV Timetable API has also been updated. A migration guide has also been created to assist API users moving from Version 2 to Version 3. Train timetable data is updated daily, while the remaining data is updated weekly, taking into account any planned timetable changes (for example, due to holidays or planned disruptions). The PTV timetable API is the same API used by PTV for its apps. To access the most up to date data PTV has (including real-time data), you must use the API dynamically. Frequently Asked Questions: All information about how to use the API is in the Swagger (for Version 3) or the documentation (for Version 2). PTV cannot provide technical support for the API.


Team Projects Utilising Victoria PTV Timetable API

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