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iFAS (instant Fire Alert System)

iFAS – Instant Fire Alert System to alert residents at different stages of fire iFAS is built to collect real time data using ad hoc sensor network deployed into the bushes. From the deployed area the system gets smoke, heat, animal movement, humidity, and environmental sound data to be p...

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Online Monitoring of High-Voltage Transmission Lines and Bush Fire System

Online monitoring of high-voltage transmission lines and bush fire system can perform all-weather, real-time monitoring of the operating conditions of high-voltage transmission lines operating in harsh environments, which can effectively reduce the construction of surrounding lines (dangerous poi...

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ZenSci aims to introduce budding citizen scientists into the compelling and understudied world of entomology and biological diversity. Using a location based mobile app the users will gather data on perhaps the most critical ecosystem engineers, largely responsible for food production, soil, air ...

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Bush fires

The challenge selected involves becoming ‘Bushfire Ready’ relating to what can we do to prevent or prepare for bushfires and other extreme weather events on the Sunshine Coast. This is an important, relevant issue due to the social, economical and environmental strain caused by the 2019–2020 Aust...

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Project 1083

Over the past year, extreme weather events including bushfires have resulted in many lives lost and property and animals damaged. With the trend of extreme weather events increasing in intensity and frequency, we aimed to model this trend to highlight the increasing risks it brings for use in inf...

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Ready. Aim. Fire.

# Using citizen science to help prepare for, predict and prevent losses from bushfire events Current fire detection systems are limited to public observation and reporting. This is a low cost, low fidelity solution to a potentially catastrophic problem. Every minute of delay in reporting and r...

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Fires - a new way

The number, severity and area burnt by bushfires is increasing. The resources available to fire authorities to manage this problem are not increasing at a commensurate rate. As a result, bushfires are exceeding the resource capacities of authorities which is having an increasing impact on the com...

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GeoNodes is the unification of IoT, Augmented Reality (AR) and Machine Learning with the popular gaming aspects of GeoCaching and Ingress. GeoNodes is a citizen science AR game for mobile devices, paired with physical data collection nodes that, together, are designed to help further the gath...

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