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Pā sites of Aotearoa

A site that will let you explore some of the many Pā sites from around Aotearoa by seeing them in 3D

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### Problem KiwiSaver enrolments of the age group 14-19 are steadily decreasing. Teenagers do not have enough understanding of KiwiSaver and how it could help them plan for their future. There are very limited mediums and resources for teenagers to learn about KiwiSaver without encountering u...

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To say 2020 has been a challenging year would be an understatement! We’ve seen in our communities that some people are struggling more than others; with about one quarter of kiwis struggling to find government covid information, with a large factor being an excess amount of information. To stay a...

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NZ Pandemics - History and Future

This project presents "historical fiction" versions of the 2020 NZ COVID-19 tracking dashboard. These show how that dashboard might have looked in 1918 during the Spanish Flu pandemic (102 years ago) and during an imagined outbreak in 2122 (102 years from now).

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Covid Song

This is a kids song about Covid to encourage hand washing, mask wearing and social distancing We created this song as a way to help kids learn the things they need to do during covid to stay safe and happy. We have 5 pages of kids story book and some music to sing along too linked here along...

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