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Cleaner Communities

'Cleaner Communities' is designed to be an app which the populous can use to take rate the level of litter in the area they are in and take photos of said litter. These photos can then get sent off to a machine learning type AI that can analyse the photos to identify the amount of litter. For eve...

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CLEAR (The app of the future)

The world has been shut down due to the catastrophic outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the present and distant future is in jeopardy and how to slowly get back to the world that was once known is proving difficult. Australia is struggling to stay virus free with the second wave proving to be very d...

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Spend Tracing

Our project aims to trace spend by the Queensland Government and its impact on Industry, small business and communities. Solution It involves three steps (1) Normalise datasets - We took 9 out of the available 66 datasets for contracts granted by government agencies to suppliers, combined ...

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locali ☕

  #Locali *locali* is handy app to connect local businesses and residents, providing a safe and secure way for customers to check in, while also providing crucial data to businesses and the government. *locali* connects local business and residents, encouraging them to shop, explore and...

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MyQueensland Assistant

MyQueensland Assistant is a virtual assistant which tries to have a conversation with a user who is looking to explore Queensland but no idea where to go or what event to attend on a weekend. As a family like ours, who just moved here in Brisbane, we are not yet familiar with all the activiti...

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Data Seeker

This is an entry for the GovHack 2020 Queensland Event. The project team is me – Kylie Docherty. I am an IT teacher based in Brisbane with a passion for using openData to create innovative Digital Solutions My project is called Data Seeker. The problem my project addresses is the unemployment...

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