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Eunice , NiƱo

Project Description

MyQueensland Assistant is a virtual assistant which tries to have a conversation with a user who is looking to explore Queensland but no idea where to go or what event to attend on a weekend.

As a family like ours, who just moved here in Brisbane, we are not yet familiar with all the activities and places to go.

So leveraging technology around our house like the Google Home/ Google Hub we can use it to help us get suggestions and recommendations on what events or places to go.

Not only the assistant will recommend an event in a place in Queensland you want to go but also it recommends discounts and deals amongst the local shops nearby those recommendations. This
way, you can have a great time at the same time save cost. And most importantly helping the local businesses there.

#smart home devices #google assistant #virtual assistant #shop local #local bussinesses #ai/ml

Data Story

MyQueensland Assistant

A virtual assistant helping to connect Queenslander to local businesses thru tourism and discounts.

Problem Statement

1. As a family in Queensland, how can we know latest events in Queensland without doing heavy research before hand.
2. As a local business owner, how do I promote my business to Queenslander and offering them with discount and deals


  1. Using a google home or google hub assistant, a user can ask the MyQueensland assistant to recommend any events at a particular area. In response, the assistant returns latest events and deals near that area.
  2. Any local business owner can upload their deals and discount to the business directory and then this gets picked up by MyQueensland assistant and promote this to all people looking for deals/discount shops near to the place they want to explore.

Dataset Use

  • Business Discount Directory
    Ingest this data daily using cloud functions and load into BigQuery for consumption by webhook used by Dialogflow fullfillment service.
    We use this data to correlate to events nearby this businesses.

  • Events Data - Brisbane City Council
    Ingest this data daily and use Python Pandas to transform data then load to Bigquery to be join later on event's location data

  • Events Location - Brisbane City Council
    Ingest this data daily and then load to Bigquery to be join later on event data to get the event's location.

Technology Use

  • DialogFlow for Natural Language Understanding
  • BigQuery for Analytics DB
  • Firebase Cloud Functions for Serverless API
  • Google Home for testing google assitant device
  • Google Nest Hub for testing google assitant device
  • Node.js for webserver code
  • Python Pandas for data transformation

Team Member

  • Nino
  • Eunice

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Events locations

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Data Set

Business Discount Directory

Data Set

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