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Re-energising 2170

# Re-engergising our city center ## Overview Our project has a data analysis focus, we have analyzed various data sources to better understand both the immediate impact on the job market and local industry. Using this analysis we present some potential ideas that can be taken onboard to hel...

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The Freers

My 2020 GovHack team and I are working to digitalise charity op-shops using public and government datasets, so that the op-shops can keep operating during COVID-19. As a proof of concept, our team built an app for op-shops to catalogue and list their books online. ### Video Addendum Du...

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Eco Pulse

1.Decision support tool to re-skill & redeploy work force powered by analytics modelling. 2.Supported by priority local procurement & social enterprise framework. 3.Supported by social sentiment analysis tool & digital democracy for community engagement.

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Electronic Receipt Management

With the development of the market economy, more and more people choose to record the details of consumption while consuming, and to meet people's financial management needs through planning and sorting out financial status. For a long time, in the traditional market economy, people have been acc...

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Science Help

What is the problem? --------------------- This year has been very dramatic with the bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic.The uncontrollable bushfires caused mass devastation to the environment and the diverse flora and fauna of the Australian terrain. Then came the pandemic that introduced trav...

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Project Resilience

Australians are some of the most resilient people on Earth. Having gone through difficult socio,economic disasters we have still made it and prospered with it. But everyone has a different coping mechanism to deal financial, mental and physical stress. Project Resilience makes an effort to uncov...

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As COVID-19 has swept across the globe, economies around the world have ground to a halt. Governments have taken drastic action to try to control its spread, urging their citizens to socially distance themselves and stay at home. Entire workforces have shifted to working from home, international ...

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