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Calamitigator, as the name suggests is an interface to mitigate the costs associated with calamities which have become ever so frequent. The approach we take works on 3 fronts: Government or Authorities Citizens Community Using historical trends and real-time data, along with counting f...

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iFAS (instant Fire Alert System)

iFAS – Instant Fire Alert System to alert residents at different stages of fire iFAS is built to collect real time data using ad hoc sensor network deployed into the bushes. From the deployed area the system gets smoke, heat, animal movement, humidity, and environmental sound data to be p...

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Project 1064

BushfiresInfo is a One stop shop powered by AI/ML and Intelligent Chatbot for all the information you need regarding Bush Fires. It has the capability to Report and Predict, History of Bushfires. An intelligent chatbot supports easy communication with users and can be potentially used using voice...

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For the Record

#### Team Members<br> **Marcela** - Team leader, Programmer (Python) and data processor **Liam** - Programmer (Python, typescript, C++) **Leonard** - Data processor, project flow multi-tasker, the little bits **Jerem** - Video/Audio creator **Claudia** - Creative skills: artist /...

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FireCloud is an automated, data-driven, and real-time bushfire monitoring and early warning broadcast system. Our idea is to supplement existing satellite-based fire detection systems with ground-based, IoT remote sensing devices. During bushfire season, it allows the Fire Service and concerned c...

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![EnviroAssist Logo](https://i.imgur.com/bPFmG9T.png "EnviroAssist Logo") The **COVID-19 pandemic has significantly hindered environmental research** around the world and has highlighted the **need to harness the power of citizen science** to assist researchers to carry out their jobs. EnviroA...

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**Emergency Response** requires offline data access. The **Hypervoxels** project strategy proves that a system combining huge amounts of historical, real-time stream, and user generated data, with the right technology choices, can provide a highly accessible geo-based data system for use **durin...

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Use of smart technology to monitor and control bush fires.

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