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Supply Chain Disruptions

Global events play a huge role in supply chains and industrial growth from opening of busway in 1986 to bullets train in 2020 both freights and industries have grown huge folds. We are co-relating historical events and their impact on freights in South Australia during those events for example o...

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Eco Pulse

1.Decision support tool to re-skill & redeploy work force powered by analytics modelling. 2.Supported by priority local procurement & social enterprise framework. 3.Supported by social sentiment analysis tool & digital democracy for community engagement.

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Travel at Home

With the trend of COVID-19, the tourism industry in Tasmania has been severely affected, and with the travel ban went effect in March, there are few visitors who are allowed to enter Tasmania. Compared with previous years, it is easy to notice that the volume of visitors and the money they spend ...

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Menteed is a market place to create a social productive group that can enable each other to support the community of workforce by joining the strategic workforce in addition to contributing to the economy by assisting fellow community members to up skill by consuming specific services provided on...

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Second Chance

Our project is called Second Chance, it is aimed to help those who are homeless, the elderly, the disabled and the people effected by covid-19. Our projects allows the homeless, elderly and the disabled to work together their in creating a space where they can all belong and live in peace.

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Project 1034

## Datasets used https://directrelief.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/2fb00ba4940740cbbf8f08f8746626f7 https://data.gov.au/data/dataset/geocoded-national-address-file-g-naf

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