Economic recovery, jobs and livelihoods in SA

Jurisdiction: South Australia

Supply chains are the entire process of producing a good or service, from sourcing raw materials to distributing the final product to market. How can we contribute to SA's economic resilience by focusing on the challenges and opportunities presented by disruptions to supply chains?

2020 has been a tough year and it has had a significant impact on our economy. The World Economic Forum recognises that supply chains are the backbone of the global economy.

The health and quality of global supply chains is of critical importance in the globally connected economy, and of particular importance to net exporting countries like Australia. Key South Australian exports include alcoholic beverages, copper and international education. South Australia’s top three merchandise trading partners are: China, US and Malaysia.

There have been plenty of disruptions, including those caused by natural disasters like bushfires and the COVID 19 pandemic. Examples of disruptions from COVID 19 include shortages of personal protective equipment for medical workers or decreases of international students due to travel restrictions. Examples of supply chain disruptions from natural disasters include shortages of grapes from specific regions for winemaking or the closure of tourism destinations due to fire.

How can we contribute to SA's economic resilience by focussing on supply chains? We are open to any datasets for your creative ideas to showcase how we can contribute to South Australia’s economic recovery and secure jobs and livelihoods.

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