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# iSafe This is an app that engages the users to report any hazards and at the same time alerts them either if some user in the area has reported a hazard or a government agency sending the alerts. This also cautions the users based on the historical data of disasters when they are in those affe...

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Calamitigator, as the name suggests is an interface to mitigate the costs associated with calamities which have become ever so frequent. The approach we take works on 3 fronts: Government or Authorities Citizens Community Using historical trends and real-time data, along with counting f...

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iFAS (instant Fire Alert System)

iFAS – Instant Fire Alert System to alert residents at different stages of fire iFAS is built to collect real time data using ad hoc sensor network deployed into the bushes. From the deployed area the system gets smoke, heat, animal movement, humidity, and environmental sound data to be p...

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Online Monitoring of High-Voltage Transmission Lines and Bush Fire System

Online monitoring of high-voltage transmission lines and bush fire system can perform all-weather, real-time monitoring of the operating conditions of high-voltage transmission lines operating in harsh environments, which can effectively reduce the construction of surrounding lines (dangerous poi...

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DataTasker is a project aimed at linking young people with scientific projects, to increase and improve open-source data available in the community. It consists of a mobile application allowing the general public to join projects, collaborate and provide much needed data for eligible projects req...

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FireCloud is an automated, data-driven, and real-time bushfire monitoring and early warning broadcast system. Our idea is to supplement existing satellite-based fire detection systems with ground-based, IoT remote sensing devices. During bushfire season, it allows the Fire Service and concerned c...

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![EnviroAssist Logo](https://i.imgur.com/bPFmG9T.png "EnviroAssist Logo") The **COVID-19 pandemic has significantly hindered environmental research** around the world and has highlighted the **need to harness the power of citizen science** to assist researchers to carry out their jobs. EnviroA...

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Ready. Aim. Fire.

# Using citizen science to help prepare for, predict and prevent losses from bushfire events Current fire detection systems are limited to public observation and reporting. This is a low cost, low fidelity solution to a potentially catastrophic problem. Every minute of delay in reporting and r...

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Be Aware and Prepare

Codeless has produced a product that provides a solution to the challenge 'Bushfire Ready'. The hack is a bushfire awareness application readily available for the general public to download. The application features a fire hazard map with real time data that alerts users when weather conditions e...

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Fires - a new way

The number, severity and area burnt by bushfires is increasing. The resources available to fire authorities to manage this problem are not increasing at a commensurate rate. As a result, bushfires are exceeding the resource capacities of authorities which is having an increasing impact on the com...

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**Emergency Response** requires offline data access. The **Hypervoxels** project strategy proves that a system combining huge amounts of historical, real-time stream, and user generated data, with the right technology choices, can provide a highly accessible geo-based data system for use **durin...

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GeoNodes is the unification of IoT, Augmented Reality (AR) and Machine Learning with the popular gaming aspects of GeoCaching and Ingress. GeoNodes is a citizen science AR game for mobile devices, paired with physical data collection nodes that, together, are designed to help further the gath...

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Project 1255

Aggregation of low-quality data to supplement delivery of government services Video ACT: https://youtu.be/K6omPV7Ubfg Video National: https://youtu.be/rozFa5jzRxA

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Project 1034

## Datasets used https://directrelief.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/2fb00ba4940740cbbf8f08f8746626f7 https://data.gov.au/data/dataset/geocoded-national-address-file-g-naf

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Watchtower: An operational management system with integrated Telstra messaging and CSIRO data analytics for a smarter, more connected modern emergency service

Australia has many emergency services, [Vic SES](https://www.ses.vic.gov.au/), [NSW SES](https://www.ses.nsw.gov.au/), CFA, RFS, and so on. The duty officers of many of these services still rely on spreadsheets to organise their crews, and when a job is on they have to activate crew by manually t...

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