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MySafeWay "Safer travel for a safer community" The Covid 19 restrictions in the ACT have been easing in the last few weeks, but our responsibility to keep the community safe didn’t. Students are going back to school, employees are going back to work and citizens are, in general, feeling mor...

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The Fire Festival

What is resilience and how do we measure it? To answer this question, we looked for inspiration from the immune system - a resilient machinery that has evolved to fight against attacks. A big component of immunity is memory - the immune system has a mechanism that retains information so that ...

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Fires - a new way

The number, severity and area burnt by bushfires is increasing. The resources available to fire authorities to manage this problem are not increasing at a commensurate rate. As a result, bushfires are exceeding the resource capacities of authorities which is having an increasing impact on the com...

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Project 1255

Aggregation of low-quality data to supplement delivery of government services Video ACT: https://youtu.be/K6omPV7Ubfg Video National: https://youtu.be/rozFa5jzRxA

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