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"Safer travel for a safer community"

The Covid 19 restrictions in the ACT have been easing in the last few weeks, but our responsibility to keep the community safe didn’t.
Students are going back to school, employees are going back to work and citizens are, in general, feeling more comfortable going out at the moment. This means that public transport buses and trams are getting more and more crowded.

Representing MySafeWay: an updated version of the current MyWay card.

Passengers can access all of their travels’ transactions, history and information in the mysafeWay mobile app, which is easy and practical to use.

How can this app help monitor new Covid-19 cases?

If a new case was unfortunately detected, the patient will be asked if they own a MySafeWay card meaning whether they commute using public transport. If the answer was yes, the MySafeWay application’s database can be used to detect all of the passengers that were on the same bus as the patient in a span of 2 weeks, and notice them to take further protection measurements. This can increasily help stop the Covid-19 spread.

Other procedures can be taken in order for this solution to work better, such as:
- Regular cleaning disinfecting of buses and trams
- Encouraging passenger to wear masks and to social distance
- Using the data collected by the mySafeWay application to understand which bus/tram numbers get crowded the most to provide more frequent services of those to citizens.

Data Story

Using the ACTION timetables - Google Transit Feed ( and the Bus stops ( data sets, this card is capable of recording the passengers travel history as follows:
- Bus number and route
- Tap on station name and timing
- Tap off station name and timing
All of these recorded data are stored in a bigger database for further use as explained above.

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ACTION timetables - Google Transit Feed

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