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The vision for the weekend was to create a solution that meets the needs of government and residential aged care organisations in meeting the care requirements and community expectations with the view to address the ongoing problem of high risk disease prevalence and pandemics to the elderly in residential aged care.
The purpose of the App and web based data portal combination allows for ease of access and usability of staff to screen residents daily (and capturing of important data elements) using smart phone technology as well as accessibility and transparency across residential aged care in Australia.
There is an opportunity for the App solution to be used for multiple disease screening across aged care such as Sepsis another disease process that is difficult to recognise early in the elderly for timely escalation and medical treatment and has much higher and poorer outcomes in the elderly than the rest of the population.

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Data Story

Using organisations OAuth allows for the organisations staff to log into the App solution ensuring confidentiality and privacy complying with organisation cyber security requirements to access PMI (patient master index) allowing for pre-filling of resident identification and verification information using smart phone technology.

We use NAPS provider ID (Australian Government Aged Care and Quality Commission provided ID for all accredited aged care service providers) as the unique identifier of residential aged care across Australia.

Residential Aged Care providers use their organisational NAPS (Australian Government Aged care and Quality Commission provided ID for all accredited aged care services) provider ID as the unique identifier.

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Team DataSets

Notifiable Diseases: 2010–2014

Description of Use For use within Aged Care Data Portal providing prevalence data all communicable/notifiable diseases for benchmarking and monitoring purposes.

Data Set

Aged care data snapshot

Description of Use For use within the Aged Care Data Portal providing population, providers and services, Residential Care to allow for benchmarking purposes at peer, state and national level.

Data Set

Interfaces between the aged care and health systems

Description of Use The linked data can be used to examine how particular groups of people using aged care differ in their characteristics and patterns of health service which allows for monitoring residential agd care recipients receive access to medical services inline with non residential aged care individuals for use within the Aged Care Data Portal.

Data Set

GEN data: Services and places in aged care

Description of Use Data is used within the Aged Care Data Portal to give perspective of service type, remoteness type to assist in identifying organisations for peer benchmarking.

Data Set

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