Responding to the next regional, country or world emergency

Jurisdiction: Aotearoa - New Zealand

How can we better respond to the next regional, country or world emergency by leveraging emerging technologies and the plethora of government datasets available?

There are many emergencies that we face at an individual, local, regional, country or worldwide level. Not all emergencies are equal but may affect you, your family, community, governments and countries in varying ways. Select an emergency situation that is relevant to your team and work with the latest technologies - whether that’s AI, Machine Learning, automation, to:

• Improve our ability to respond to the emergency
• Improve individual, community, government ability to provide better and outcomes and safer services

Some emergency situations could be, bushfires, earthquakes, pandemics, civil unrest, weather events, border control, water shortages, and global warming, as examples.

Leverage the numerous datasets available across government. Feel free to think outside the box. This could take the form of an app, UI automation, ways to access or visualise data, linking of decisions to statistics or key inputs, or summarising the information used to support a decision.

Outcomes may include better analysis and access to information that helps and informs decisions at your local, family, regional, country level that improves outcomes during emergency situations. You are welcome to use any data sets as a part of your submission as well.

Entry: Challenge entry is available to all teams in Aotearoa - New Zealand.

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